Friday, 24 December 2010


For those that I don't have addresses for this is the Chrismas card picture. You can see some of my previous ones on my websight

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Yogi for Christmas.

This was a drawing that I did in addition to the Chrismas card illustration. Yogi waiting. Is only a quick sketch which I uincluded on the back of the card. He has featured on the front before.

Christmas card illustration to follow.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ford GT

An illustrated page for a proposed magazine. That never got off the ground.

Friday, 24 September 2010

On the Balcony

This was my first go in oils at the fortress. Painting into the sun I tried to show the the brightness by giving contrast to the picture but I did struggle with the medium.

Painting Christina.

This was our only rainy day and so I decided to paint a picture of the lovely Christina. It had been her birthday and I had drawn a portrait for her. Her dear friend Irene thought I hadn't captured Christina, so this was a second attempt.
Would love to have done it from life but the photo was a good start.
Still hope to do one of Irene, she has a beautiful, classic smile.

Me at Easel..

This is me painting at Gomati. The watecolour can be seen below, caled Calm Water.
That is mum in the distance under the shade on the beach.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lemnos boats.

Myrina street with fortress in background.

Taverna Oitzitzioez.

Taverna shade.

Sun set. Attempt two.

Sun set, third attempt.

Sunset with Mt Athos.

Self. Oil A3

Painted with strong light from my right, hence the squinted eye. And no I havent got dungerees on!
I found the waterbased oils were more like acrylics than oil in aplication. Although the mixing is similar.

Myrina fortress from apartment. Oil A3.

Racanera beach. North end.

Myrina fortress from port. Oil. A3.

Kosta, fisherman tending his nets.

Postcard size watercolour. Kaspakas square.

Postcard size watercolour Myrina fortress. From apartment. Sent this one home.

Myrina fortress from apartment.

Postcard size watercolour Myrina fortress.

Dramatic sky Myrina fortress.

Evening sky Myrina fortress.

End to tiled roof outside apartment.

Church at Kaspakas.

Christina finished oil A3.

Christina unfinished. Oil on Canvas.

Calm water.

Oil. A3

Oil on paper. Boats in Myrina port.

Racanera beach.

From the bar looking to the beach.

Afroditi hotel entrance.

Smallest painting ever!

Church St Nicolas Myrina. Oil 2" x 3"

Pencil Drawings from Lemnos.

Wind surfers.

On the plane.

Girl picking up shells.

Meal in the shade.

Windmills at Kornos.

Hotel Afroditi.

Pretty face.

Christina Pencil.

Hot chow chow

Sun worship.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Over the road.

This was my last painting. The veiw across the street. The scooter was going to be the focal point but was driven away 10 minutes after I started.

View from the room

This was the view south towards the island, we were on the north coast.

In the pool

Here is Sam and Charlie in the pool. drawing water from life is hard, painting it impossible!

The Boys.

First up a watercolour of Sam. In the shade by the pool, great to have such bright light to give lots of reflective colour.
My only other chance was to paint one of Danny but that was on a watercolour postcard pad and I sent that image to Sara. If I can get a copy I will put it on here.

I did a few of Jack. This is the best of the bunch. He doesn't stay still for very long so i have to be quick.

Danny would let me draw him and I was pleased with this likeness.

Charlie also sat for a while and thanks to him for the pad. He gave this to me as a gift a couple of years back.