Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Painting in Skiathos 2015

 Urn. Oil on Paper

 Ageab waves. Watercolour.
 Away from the Pool. Watercolour
 Banana Beach. Watercolour
 Blooms. Watercolour.
 Boat in Blue. Watercolour
 By the Bar. Watercolour
 Chalet. Watercolour
 Charles. Watercolour.
 Daskalonisi island. Oil on Paper
 Fishing Koukinaris. Oil on Paper
 Fishing. watercolour

 Jack. Watercolour.
 Karen Emporess. Watercolour
 Karen sea. Watercolour
 Koukinaris Beach. Oil on Paper
 Lemons. Watercolour
 Mama mia. Watercolour

 Old Port Boats. Watercolour
 Old Port. Oil on Paper
 Private Bay. Watercolour
 Roof. Watercolour
 Rose. Watercolour

 Skiathos port. Watercolour