Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Work from summer show.

Leigh Sun Set. Watercolour 16x26cm £90 
A Flock of Sea Gulls. Watercolour 16x26cm SOLD

After the Show. Oil 30x40cm £180

Autumn Castle. Watercolour.£80

Calypso 2. Oil 30x40 £180

Cast Away. Oil 40x50 £500

Sweet Safrin Sunset. Oil 30x40 £180

After the sRain. Watercolour. 18x28cm £80

Croyde beach. Watercolour. 22x30cm £80

Diapoi, boats Limnos . Alkids. 30x38 £150

Lone rower. Watercolour 10x15cm £60

Castle in silhouette. Watercolour. 14x20cm £80

Castle of Myrina. Watercolour 10x15cm £50
Hadliegh Castle in Snow. Watercolour. 16x26cm £80

In the Picture. Oil. 40x50cm Sold.

Jim Berry at Rest. Oil 40x50cm SOLD

Oitzitzioez. Watercolour. 14x21cm £60

Leigh Light. Oil 40x50cm SOLD

Beside to the Den. Oil 40x50cm £220

 Sun Set Old Leigh. Oil 30x40cm SOLD

Off to Surf. Watercolour 10x15cm £50

Poros Adrift. Oil.

Rocks @ Lee. Watercolour 18x28cm £80 

Sam Sun. Watercolour. 15x21cm NFS

On the way Out. Oil 30x40cm NFS

Tide to the Post. Oil 30x40cm £190

Captin Jack Blyth. Oil 30x40 NFS

Dancing in the Sun. Pastel. 24x34cm NFS
Croyde Cottage. Watercolour. 18x24cm. Sold 

Peter Boat. Oil 40x50 £220