Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Work from summer show.

Leigh Sun Set. Watercolour 16x26cm £90 
A Flock of Sea Gulls. Watercolour 16x26cm SOLD

After the Show. Oil 30x40cm £180

Autumn Castle. Watercolour.£80

Calypso 2. Oil 30x40 £180

Cast Away. Oil 40x50 £500

Sweet Safrin Sunset. Oil 30x40 £180

After the sRain. Watercolour. 18x28cm £80

Croyde beach. Watercolour. 22x30cm £80

Diapoi, boats Limnos . Alkids. 30x38 £150

Lone rower. Watercolour 10x15cm £60

Castle in silhouette. Watercolour. 14x20cm £80

Castle of Myrina. Watercolour 10x15cm £50
Hadliegh Castle in Snow. Watercolour. 16x26cm £80

In the Picture. Oil. 40x50cm Sold.

Jim Berry at Rest. Oil 40x50cm SOLD

Oitzitzioez. Watercolour. 14x21cm £60

Leigh Light. Oil 40x50cm SOLD

Beside to the Den. Oil 40x50cm £220

 Sun Set Old Leigh. Oil 30x40cm SOLD

Off to Surf. Watercolour 10x15cm £50

Poros Adrift. Oil.

Rocks @ Lee. Watercolour 18x28cm £80 

Sam Sun. Watercolour. 15x21cm NFS

On the way Out. Oil 30x40cm NFS

Tide to the Post. Oil 30x40cm £190

Captin Jack Blyth. Oil 30x40 NFS

Dancing in the Sun. Pastel. 24x34cm NFS
Croyde Cottage. Watercolour. 18x24cm. Sold 

Peter Boat. Oil 40x50 £220

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

proposed flag.

This was the original idea I had for flag but it has been rejected. Another is in the pipe-line.

1981 drawing by Charles Thompson

Thursday, 8 March 2012


This fantastic character was photographed outside and the colours in his fur were great fun to capture. He also has a great look and this made it a real fun job to do.
Pastel on datk canson paper 12"x14"


This lovely dog was done in pastel. Unfortunatley the referance images were taken indoors, would have prefured to have natural light to show the forms.


This was a painting done for a friend, not sure what happened but here is the painting anyway. I think they liked it and I thought I had caught her inquisitive nature.